Allocate. Manage. Automate. Understand.

OPX is an operations transformation solution that enables management and orchestration of resources (human and robotic) and optimises fulfilment of customer demand regardless of location, in a holistic fashion.

OPX allows an organisation to dramatically improve business performance by changing the way in which it processes customer service requests and in turn changes working practices and behaviours by introducing agile operations.

  • increase productivity
  • increase utilisation
  • improve quality (less errors, lower risk)
  • reduce operational risk and enhance regulatory compliance
  • drive down costs
  • empower automation where appropriate

OPX automatically and intelligently delivers tasks to the most appropriate resources, be they skilled people or robots within your organisation. Through team leader and colleague consoles OPX allows an organisation to:

  • Deliver work task execution into specific teams and individuals
  • Review progress on work and re-direct activity as necessary
  • Track and monitor the quality of work, through assurance tools
  • Obtain pragmatic strategic and operational insight into performance
  • Support continued remote and home-working trends across an organisation

The platform can be deployed on premise or in the cloud, and engages people at all levels of a business – including colleagues, team managers and senior leaders.

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